Chili Cook-Off Competition

This is a gloves-off, no-holds barred, knock ‘em down chili cook-off. You fall on the “ja” side of the heated chili with beans philosophical schism? This ain’t no ICS* rule-stickling event. Put ‘em in! You think carrots or red beet are the secret ingredient that will clinch you the 2016 Amnesty International Chilipalloza title? Then pile ‘em on, we won’t laugh.

*International Chili Society

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AI Letter Marathon 2015

We participated in the AI letter marathon with letters and solidarity cards.

Here are the links to the cases:
(English) , (German) ,
(Spanish) , (French).

To show the importance of the annual letter marathon, organized by AI, see here the success of 2014 letter marathon (German) and other success stories (English).

our participation in the letter marathon 2015
our solidary cards participating in the letter marathon 2015

Chevron – the Amazonas Chernobyl

Our health has been damaged seriously by the contamination caused by Texaco. Many people in our community now have red stains on their skin and others have been vomiting and fainting. Some little children have died because their parents did not know they should not drink the river water.

Excerpt: Affidavit of the Secoya tribe given by Elias Piaguaie -Aguinda, et al v. Texaco Inc. – Case 93-CV-7527.






More info on the case: see [amnesty USA] , [UDAPT, Amazon Watch]

Make-some-noise Concert!


A cordial thanks to all those who enjoyed with us KARABA and PRODUCTIONERROR (experimental rock) at Glockenbachwerkstatt and supported Amnesty International’s human rights work through their ticket, donation or signature. We apologize for the absence of Naked Superhero and wish their ill member a speedy recovery!

Zimbabwe Elections – Live Monitoring

An opportunity for all Munich citizens to join us in Odeonsplatz to support free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, or alternatively by sending us a message on Twitter.


We set up a real-time monitoring of the election process in Zimbabwe in order to promote fair elections and eventually report of human rights violations. This is combined with the intention of fostering the Harare-Munich partnership and therefore inform the Munich citizens about this initiative and the partnership more in general. The event took place in the form of a real-time monitoring using a several meters tall LED-tower where displayed the messages (mostly from Twitter, social media, news agencies and personal reports from people in Zimbabwe).

Invisible Victims – an Exhibition about Migrants on their way through Mexico

Since 2009 Amnesty International has documented the alarming pattern of abuses against irregular migrants in transit through Mexico, particularly Central Americans, attempting to cross Mexico in order to reach the border with the US. In April 2010 Amnesty International published the report Invisible victims – migrants on the move in Mexico documenting systematic abuses against migrants. The report demonstrated the particular vulnerability of migrants, especially women and children, to abuse and their lack of access to justice, remedy or protection.


Daily 1st July – 31st Juli 2012 The Latin America Working Group presents the AI Exhibition Invisible Victims.

Sunday 1st July 2012, 17:30 – 18:00 Vernissage for the Exhibition with Wolfgang Grenz, spokesman of the Amnesty Ko-Group for Mexico Central America.

Sunday 1st July from 18:30 Exhibition starts, with Elizabeth Martinez (Pacta Servanda e.V.) and the mexican Journalist Ana Lilia Pérez who herself has been persecuted because of her work.

Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 20:00 Showing of the documentary film Attack On The Dream/Asalto al sueño from Uli Stelzner about the dangerous journey of the migrants through Mexico to the USA.

Friday 6th July 2012, 20:00 Showing of the award-winning documentary film De Nadie from the mexican director Tin Dirdamal which accompanies the migrant Maria from Honduras on her journey to the USA (original with german subtitles).