Protest Vigil against Torture in Mexico – Yecenia Armenta

For decades, Amnesty has exposed governments who torture. We have supported torture survivors to get justice. We also led international pressure that resulted in the UN Convention against Torture 30 years ago. Today, laws against torture are in place almost everywhere. Yet you only have to glance at the news to know that laws alone are not enough: we are witnessing a global crisis on torture. Over the last five years, Amnesty International has reported on torture in 141 countries – three-quarters of the world.

Torture is thriving because rather than respecting the law, many governments are either actively using torture or turning a blind eye.

Take with us this opportunity to stand up against this:

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Chili Cook-Off Competition

This is a gloves-off, no-holds barred, knock ‘em down chili cook-off. You fall on the “ja” side of the heated chili with beans philosophical schism? This ain’t no ICS* rule-stickling event. Put ‘em in! You think carrots or red beet are the secret ingredient that will clinch you the 2016 Amnesty International Chilipalloza title? Then pile ‘em on, we won’t laugh.

*International Chili Society

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