About us

We are a group of motivated women and men from all ages and cultural backgrounds, passionate about human rights activism.

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As a big part of the Amnesty work is based on letter-writing and the collection of signatures, our group members dedicate time to such activities.

petitionsigningBeyond signing letters as a group, we organize or participate in events. These aim at rising awareness for different human rights issues or specific human rights cases. In this way, we can not only raise funding for Amnesty, but also obtain much more signatures for the demands which we address to human rights violators all over the world. Further, our group organizes several make-some-noise concerts every year. Maybe you stop by and enjoy some music with us next time?

msn_foto_201403Read on this homepage about events we (co-)organized  in the past and find announcement for upcoming events and concerts.





Group introduction details for people interested in joining us [pdf]

Our flyer (several years old, though) [pdf]