Fight Chevron – for Pollution and Three Decades of Neglect!

Don’t buy Chevron/Texaco oil! And join us in the global campaign #AntiChevron Day, May 21st – a worldwide day to denounce Chevron crimes against the environment and human rights.

The #AntiChevron Day began in 2014 as an initiative for those affected by Chevron oil pollution (30,000 people including settlers and indigenous peoples that brought a lawsuit against the oil company for more than 22 years and asked for justice to remedy the Ecuadorian Amazon). The objetive of this campaign was and is to show that Chevron has victims all over the world on every continent. On #AntiChevron Day, every May 21st, the global community raises it’s voice to demand that Chevron is held responsible for its destructive environmental practices, violation of human rights and deception.

All organisations wishing to contribute to the global action on May 21st can express their support signing letter attached and with active participation in social networks (#AntiChevron, #ChevronCleanUp and @AntiChevron).

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